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Our mission: serve teams and organizations to grow. 

3L RH is a HR consulting firm specialized in organizational strategy and personal development. Our methods are based on active listening and deep analysis of your needs. Our added value lies in the external and neutral perspective we bring to situations and in our ability to question the status quo. Rigor, reliability, benevolence, and a sense of listening are our core values.


Henry Ford said ""Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." This reflects 3L RH state of mind: anyone can learn at any age. This is our motto :"Life-Long Learning".

Would you like to know more about who I am? Please check my work philosophy !

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With whom do I love to work ?

With Yohan, Claire, Medhi...and with you !

What I enjoy the most about my work is the diversity of my clients: businesses, associations, and individuals. My goal is to assist you in optimizing your 'human capital' by offering a comprehensive range of solutions focused on HR analysis and organizational improvement, always keeping one ultimate objective in mind: individual development serving the collective growth.


Do you aspire to improve your productivity, support your new managers, challenge your teams...? 

My custom solutions answer your specific needs.



Associations play a major role with challenges similar to those of businesses. 

Why shouldn't the boards of directors and employees in the nonprofit sector receive the same level of support as a business ? Let's take on this challenge together.


 Do you want to optimize your skills? Are you thinking of a career transition, or have you recently been appointed as a manager? 

I support you with kindness and efficiency 

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They trust me


Juliette Le Faucheur

HR Manager: "Delphine intervened as part of the manager-actor program that we wanted to implement to train the N-1 level managers of the Executive Committee. The goal was to train our managers in new management methods by focusing on collaboration, trust, and empowerment.

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Director ADEB Cosne :"Delphine participated in our expert meetings to offer workshops to business leaders addressing various topics such as remote management or emotional intelligence. Her active and compassionate listening, as well as her ability to find simple and effective solutions, are...

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Hans V.

HRD : Delphine supported us in the creation of a corporate university within Allianz Trade by creating business academies. By providing us with a clear structure and methodology, our business experts were able to train on the fundamentals of knowledge transmission and instructional engineering...

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