Why did I choose to have a dedicated page to 'my' 'philosophy' rather than "my values" like other company websites ?

As a committed entrepreneur with a life shaped by inspiring travels and international professional experience, I aspire to embody a humanistic approach to the professional world.

After working for several years with HR consulting firms, I believe I bring a different approach due to my personality. I wanted to share some elements here to tell you a little bit more about who I am.

I invite you to learn more about me and see if the adventure of working together appeals to you!

Positive  •  Human
Innovative •  Dynamic

Portrait Delphine Allain

Delphine Allain


Passionate about human relationships and being an emotional intelligence coach, I deeply believe that 'That earth's great treasure lies in human personality,' a conviction I have held since my youth and which has been strengthened through my professional journey and various associative commitments.

What I appreciate most in my job: the diversity of the missions I undertake with my clients, reflecting the human richness present in our world !

I am eager to contribute to your success.

Bilingual in English/French, multinational environments and contexts, intercultural. 

*excerpt from the JCI Creed, written by C. William Brownfield 



My approach to Human Resources goes beyond simple solutions; I listen carefully to grasp the subtleties and adapt to your organization. I emphasize co-development and co-design of solutions to maximize results. I also enjoy exploring new paths in the 'Happy HR' sector.

Let's go back a bit to my journey: after completing a scientific baccalaureate, an HEC preparatory class, and specializing in human resources at a business school, I entered the professional world within HR departments of SMEs and large corporations. My experience in multinational contexts as a project manager and then a manager solidified my generalist and managerial skills before shifting towards skills development, training, and coaching.

3L-RH was born after the lockdown, in September 2020.



After several years as an employee, I decided to create my company, 3L RH, with a unique perspective that has proven itself

Considering myself equal to my clients, regardless of their status, this equality and the desire for mutual learning characterize my vision of professional partnership and allow me to challenge the status quo.



My passion for travel has strengthened my tolerant and attentive character towards others. It's hardly surprising to evolve in the HR sector !

After a year spent in India and solo travels across South Asia, my open-mindedness and ability to understand cultural nuances have strengthened. Qualities that prove to be quite useful, especially when I undertake missions related to corporate culture !

Des travailleurs en pleine réflexion



As a staunch advocate for women's rights, I am actively involved in the nonprofit sector, convinced that every contribution matters in building a better world.

My commitment resonates with the story of the hummingbird, symbolizing my natural desire to help others, a value that I also transpose into my professional approach.

From personalized academic support (Entraide Scolaire Amicale) to taking responsibility through positive actions (Jeune Chambre Economique Française), supporting entrepreneurship (BGE Nièvre-Yonne), or creating a professional co-working space in my department named "Nièvre" (Patch Co Work), I try, on my scale, to change the world with the people I love and... right next to me !