Tailored solutions

Tache de peinture

Custom solutions for your organization !
For each mission that I'm working on, I focus on solutions that fit your company or your association.

When collaborating with you, my commitment is to assist you in finding the solutions that best suit you and to be by your side in implementing them. The solutions are tailored and suitable based on your objectives. I always remain attentive to the needs of my future clients and adapt my proposals to meet your needs.

Better understand your request to provide a more accurate response.
It is important to note that I am not specialized in recruitment or payroll, which are highly specialized areas in Human Resources (HR). My good knowledge in these areas is not the focus of my experience in recent years. If your request is related to these topics, I will refer you to trustworthy people who are better qualified to address your specific needs in recruitment or payroll management.

Des personnes qui discutent organisation

Do you want to know what people think about your organization?

An HR diagnosis helps to assess your organization from a "human" angle: process, governance, culture, values, image. In general this is being done by interviewing your organization's main stakeholders.

coaching individuel et collectif

Would you like to know more about yourself or develop some of your professional skills?

Then you're ready to start coaching sessions ! Coaching can be either for individuals or for groups. My specialization is emotional intelligence...do you know it ?

You've just been appointed as team manager or you're a bit lost in how to manage your team currently...

Don't worry ! I have been there too ! I support you on the following topics: conflict management, time management, delegation, feedback, communication...these are some of my favorite areas ! But my preferred solution is co-development which consists in finding solutions that fit your needs thanks to your peers.

Which solution seems the most adapted to your needs ?

Let's talk about it !