Managerial support

Becoming and being a manager is a continuous learning adventure throughout your career. I often say that 'team management is like parenthood': there is no universal method that works for everyone. It is primarily a matter of adaptation and a constant self-reflection..

Managerial support: your path to excellence in team management.

My expertise focuses on 2 essential pillars: self-awareness and understanding others.

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New managers

Becoming and being a manager is a continuous learning process and a unique experience, especially when you're just starting out ! 

My support here aims to assist you in developing fundamental skills for effective team management: from time management to the development of your team members.

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Executive committees

Being part of an executive committee or a management board is a stimulating and crucial responsibility within any organization. 

I accompany you as a team so that each individual finds their place and the collective becomes effective.

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Conflict management

Conflict management is a sensitive issue within organizations. Conflicts can lead to negative consequences, but they also contain opportunities for improvement. 

My support aims at preventing and solving conflict situations between individuals.

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Managing with emotional intelligence

L’intelligence émotionnelle est particulièrement efficace pour favoriser une meilleure communication, gérer les conflits de façon plus constructive, prendre des décisions plus éclairées et renforcer le leadership. Je vous accompagne pour développer cette compétence indispensable lorsqu’on est manager.

How will we work together?

Whether through individual coaching sessions or collective sessions in the form of workshops and training, I encourage you to be ready to question your practices, rethink your habits, and develop new skills. My approach is marked by kindness and humility, always focused on your success.