Executive Committees

The Role of the Executive Committee
Being part of an executive committee is both a significant and challenging responsibility. You play a key role in governance and decision-making within your organization.
Your goal: the overall success of the company. It is essential to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each member of the executive committee by capitalizing on the specific skills and expertise of each individual. But how can this be achieved?


Each individual possesses skills, resources, and capabilities that can be developed and leveraged to achieve excellent results.
Coaching for executive committees (or boards of directors) offers numerous benefits to leaders and their organizations. It enables leaders to enhance their leadership skills, ability to make informed decisions, proficiency in solving complex problems, and capability to manage change.
By working with me, you – business or association leaders – will strengthen your confidence, develop your emotional intelligence, and improve your communication skills. Executive coaching will also foster the development of specific skills, such as defining a comprehensive vision, stress management, and resilience, which are essential for success in demanding leadership roles.

Through my experience within several large organizations and the guidance of several Executive Committees with 3L RH, I aim to promote the long-term success of your organization.

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Executive Committees, Board of Directors and any team within a company or association.

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Enhance the effectiveness of the leadership team in your organization.

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Customized workshop-training sessions, tailored to your context and culture.

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Depending on the goals you set, the duration may vary from half a day to several days spread over several months (based on your availability).

How to optimize the efficiency of your Executive Committee ?

I accompany you in your reflection on the organization of the Executive Committee (CODIR). We will work on different points such as:
– the allocation of tasks within the CODIR, where I will help you define responsibilities and specific tasks for each member based on their expertise and skills. Through this method, each member will contribute effectively and efficiently to common goals.
– The decision-making process, as the executive committee is responsible for defining the strategic vision and making major decisions that guide its direction. Committee members, as mentioned earlier, will assess opportunities, risks, and challenges faced by the organization based on their expertise and experience.
Communication among CODIR members and with the entire organization must be clear and transparent for the smooth functioning of your organization. I also support you in this aspect by offering methods and tools to regularly share relevant information on discussed topics, decisions made, and actions taken. Open communication promotes alignment, engagement, and trust within the committee.
– The efficiency of work meetings, which should be well-structured and focused on results. My solution: establish a precise agenda, set clear objectives for each meeting, and adhere to reasonable deadlines. We will work on some digital tools for document sharing and remote decision-making. It's not always necessary to be physically around a table to decide effectively.
Gender balance, as the executive committee should strive to promote diversity and balance among its members. It is proven that diversity fosters more informed decision-making and innovation. So why not embrace it!


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