Managing with emotional intelligence

Identified as the 3rd most essential skill for the future in the professional world by the renowned Forbes magazine, emotional intelligence (EI) becomes indispensable at work, especially for managers and leaders.

But what exactly does management through Emotional Intelligence entail, and how can this concept be applied in daily practice ? That's what I offer in this part of my 'managerial support' solution.


Emotional Intelligence (EI) at work calls upon your ability to identify, understand, express, and regulate your own emotions as well as those of your colleagues. Emotional intelligence is particularly effective in promoting better communication, managing conflicts more constructively, making more informed decisions, and strengthening leadership.

The GENOS Institute has certified me as an emotional intelligence coach.

"I am a certified emotional intelligence coach with GENOS International Institute, an institute based on the works of Daniel Goleman. This means that I guide you in understanding 'emotional intelligence' with a real impact on how your collaborators will work with you."


I chose to get certified to help you better manage your teams, develop your emotional intelligence skills, and, most importantly, see how you can apply it at the heart of your organization on a daily basis.

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Any manager wanting to assess their managerial qualities and wanting to learn more about EI.

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Learn to know oneself better and understand how to apply the fundamental concepts of EI in one's daily life.

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Complete the GENOS questionnaire individually and by peers (managers, colleagues, team members), then individual debriefing and possibly collective.

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The GENOS questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to complete, individual debriefing takes 1 hour, and collective workshops/trainings (if desired) typically last between 0.5 and 1 day.

How do I proceed ?

To help you develop this key skill, I will have you and the individuals you choose fill out a questionnaire in advance. The results of this questionnaire will be analyzed with you in an individual interview. Subsequently, individual or group workshops can be set up on topics such as team leadership, coaching management, psychological safety management, etc. If you prefer an individual approach, face-to-face or virtual sessions will be organized to help you understand and better grasp your position regarding emotional intelligence and the EI of your teams. My certification as an emotional intelligence coach can assist you in achieving your professional goals.

Want to discuss before taking the plunge ?