New managers

Becoming and being a manager: a lifelong learning journey!
Managerial support for new managers is a process of assistance and support for individuals who start in management roles. This ongoing support aims to develop your skills and ability to manage a team effectively. The pillars I focus on are self-awareness and awareness of others: effective communication, problem-solving, decision-making, emotional intelligence, conflict management, learning to give and receive feedback... these are my favorite topics!


Transitioning from an employee role to a manager position can be a significant challenge, but with the right skills and knowledge, you can successfully take on your new responsibilities. As a new manager, it's normal to feel overwhelmed by the challenges and responsibilities that come with this role. However, with the right solutions and approaches, you can take control of your new role and succeed. I offer effective solutions to develop the necessary skills to manage your team with confidence and success.

Effective organization is the key to successful team management.

As a manager, it is crucial to effectively manage your time and help your team manage theirs. This involves prioritizing tasks, setting realistic goals, delegating effectively, and monitoring progress. My customized workshops and training sessions, tailored to your organization and objectives, incorporate theoretical knowledge, interactive case studies, and practical tools to develop your managerial skills. For example, time management tools like the Eisenhower Matrix are included to help prioritize tasks easily and quickly.

The role of a manager can also be stressful, so it is important to find ways to manage it effectively. I also provide insights to help you better understand yourself and better manage your emotions and stress.

Investing in your own development is essential, but investing in the skills of your team is crucial for improving their performance, identifying their needs, and offering them tailored training.      

Many techniques can help you better understand your new role as a manager, and I would be delighted to be by your side to take on this challenge!

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Employees of companies or associations who have taken on managerial roles within the last year.

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Acquire the fundamentals of team management.

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Customized collective workshops, tailored to the culture of your organization. 

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On average, 5 to 6 half-day workshops over several months are necessary to allow time to integrate the concepts and test them 'in real life'!

My methodology

To support you in acquiring these numerous skills, I rely – among other things – on well-known and recognized models such as the ' leadership pipeline' or ' The Five Dysfunctions of a Team' by Patrick Lencioni.

The sessions take the form of individual interviews, collective workshops, or other forms of personalized support.
The managerial support I offer is a process aimed at supporting you by rethinking your practices, habits, ways of doing things, always with a lot of kindness and a good dose of humility ! recently became a manager ?