Collective coaching

Enhance the performance and cohesion of your team!
Collective coaching is an approach that aims to support a group of individuals within the same organization in achieving a common objective. This method differs from conflict management training as its main goals are to develop collective questioning techniques and foster problem resolution. Collective coaching emphasizes group dynamics, collaboration, and the enhancement of collective skills. It seeks to promote communication, creativity, cooperation, and collective decision-making within the team.


Collective coaching is a wonderful tool for developing the skills of your employees as a group or a team. It strengthens the team's resilience in the face of challenges and changes, encourages collaboration, and promotes the resolution of complex problems. By leveraging co-development and encouraging collective questioning, this method allows for tapping into the team's collective intelligence to achieve your results.

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Executive Committees, Board of Directors and any team within a company or association.

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Finding concrete solutions to organizational or strategic issues collaboratively.

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Video or in-person workshops with all team members.

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On average, collective coaching workshops last between half a day and a full day, depending on the issues to be addressed and the availability of team members.

My approach: co-development

At the heart of collective coaching lies co-development. It is an approach in which members of a group mutually help each other solve professional problems using structured exchanges and questioning techniques. Each member of the group takes turns being coached by colleagues from their team, promoting collective learning and knowledge sharing.

Le coaching collectif est bénéfique pour favoriser l’intelligence collective, renforcer la cohésion en créant un sentiment d’appartenance et de collaboration, résoudre des problèmes complexes et favoriser l’innovation en encourageant les idées nouvelles. C’est en nous basant sur ces principes clés que je vous accompagne dans le coaching de vos équipes.

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