Individual coaching

What if you took some time for individual coaching?
Individual coaching is a personalized support method aimed at fostering the professional and personal development of an individual. It can be used to enhance individual performance, strengthen leadership skills, manage stress, develop time management strategies, overcome specific challenges, or effectively manage change.


The tools and the resources I use for individual coaching revolve around reflection and written exercises based on a personalized action plan. The latter is specific to your needs and the goals we identify together ; it is tailored to your situation and aspirations.

My goal is to promote reflection, autonomy, and action while ensuring a structured and personalized framework for the coaching process. I assist you in developing your potential and achieving both professional and personal goals, such as time management or finding a balance between work and personal life.

I strongly believe in the potential that we all possess, and I strive, in my own way, to bring out what defines you, what you enjoy, and also to understand your own barriers and learn to overcome them with kindness.

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Anyone wishing to challenge themselves or seeking to address a professional issue.

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Finding solutions to your issues while benefiting from a compassionate and neutral external perspective.

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Individual meetings via video or in-person.

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Chaque session dure 1h30. Le nombre de sessions dépend de vos objectifs à atteindre.

How will we work together?

The individual coaching method I used is based on the following methodology:

  • Open-ended questions: I use them to start reflection and awareness. These questions encourage deep thinking, self-exploration, and the identification of solutions.
  • Work and exercises between each session: These activities allow for deepening learning, applying new skills in practice, and progressing towards the set goals.
  • Sessions of up to 1.5 hours, either via video or in-person. This duration helps maintain attention and concentration, fostering in-depth discussions, while respecting your schedule constraints.

Let's talk about your individual coaching !