HR diagnosis

A deep dive into your organization !

The HR (Human Resources) diagnosis is a thorough assessment of practices and processes related to the management of people in your organization. Organizational audit and diagnosis go beyond the purely "human resources" aspect and take into account all aspects of the organization. This includes organizational structure, operational processes, corporate culture, employee experience, strategy, and even your employer brand.

Build your action plan thanks to the organization diagnosis.

Through this organizational audit, my goal is to support you in improving the management of your organization. Our collaboration will be crucial from the start to establish the foundation of a constructive and personalized relationship in a 'win-win' approach. This positive work environment, based on trust, will allow us to conduct this diagnosis under the best conditions. Transparent and regular communication with your collaborators will maintain an open dialogue and enable us to resolve issues promptly.

Pictogramme audit social

Social audit

What are your practices in terms of Human Resources management ?

Pictogramme engrenages

Organizational culture

What are the values, norms (implicit or explicit), and beliefs that define your organization ?

Pictogramme culture organisationnelle

Employee experience

What experience(s) do you provide for your employees from their application to their departure ?

Pictogramme marque employeur

Employer brand

Do you attract the talents that are crucial for your success ? What is the image of your organization?

My method with your teams

After this initial phase, I meet your employees. These individual meetings take the form of interviews, allowing me to get to know your team, establish an initial bond of trust, and assess their engagement in your company. Based on this established organizational diagnosis, the collected data will be the subject of recommendations, and together we will build a precise action plan. Clear and tailored steps for your organization will then enable you to implement the recommendations. This is an overview of the audit and organizational diagnosis.Are you interested in this solution ? Contact me !