Why conduct a social audit?

The social audit allows for the evaluation of the social aspects of your organization. Internal social auditing aims to examine practices related to human resources, social relations, health and safety at work, diversity and inclusion, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and other areas related to the legal and conventional aspects of the company.


Once the social audit is completed, the analysis of impacts will inform your considerations regarding working conditions, social protection, and other aspects related to the social rights of employees, such as:Time management: This involves the organization of working hours, paid leave, days off and similar arrangements.Social relations: The audit will identify your practices in terms of social dialogue, collective negotiations, and relations with employee representatives or unions.Human Resources management audit: This encompasses the evaluation of recruitment policies, training and development, as well as the management of performance and compensation. The latter highlights the compliance of your organization with the following indicators: legal standards, collective agreements, and the adherence to fairness in your internal policies.CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility): This audit examines how a company integrates the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into its social practices. It evaluates how the company manages its social, environmental, and economic impact.

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Companies and NGOs with employees.

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Analyse and challenge your practices in social management.

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Surveys and interviews conducted either remotely or in person.

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Surveys: 15' on average Interviews: between 30' and 1h

An adapted action plan

During the social audit, we will identify the specific needs and objectives of your organization before following a rigorous methodology, which may include surveys, interviews with stakeholders, data analysis, document review, and other assessment tools.

Results will help identify areas that require improvement. And we will together develop an action plan tailored to your organization.

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