Organizational culture

What is the atmosphere in your organization??
Organizational audit allows for the assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization in achieving its objectives through the lens of its culture. Organizational culture refers to the set of values, beliefs, norms, and shared behaviors within an organization. It defines the identity and distinctive character of a company and influences how employees interact and make decisions. A strong organizational culture contributes to team cohesion, employee motivation, and the achievement of the organization's goals.


Organizational audit, identification of change needs, organizational culture, and management training are all key areas that contribute to effective human resource management and the success of an organization. This may also include more relevant communication with employees, skill training and development, the implementation of monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, and the creation of a change-friendly environment. A positive organizational culture promotes collaboration, motivation, and employee satisfaction, leading to better overall performance.I also recommend conducting an organizational audit even when everything seems to be going well, as it helps detect potential issues before they turn into crises. This allows for maintaining a positive dynamic and making preventive adjustments or improvements if necessary.

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Companies and NGOs with employees.

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Uncovering the 'unsaid,' resolving misunderstandings and encouraging open communication on implicit topics that may cause potential blocking points.

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Individual or collective surveys and/or interviews either remotely or in person.

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Varies according to your needs, but typically between 30' and 1h for individual interviews; half a day for group interviews, and a few minutes for online surveys.

What does it concretely mean ?

An assessment of your internal processes, practices, and organizational culture will be conducted, including individual and/or group interviews, reading and analysis of internal documents, and reports of surprises. The organizational audit aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the culture and values of your organization. I can also assist you with other diagnostics related to your organization. !

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