Employer brand

"Employer brand" or "employer attractiveness": what is it?
Does your organization attract talent? What is the image of your company internally and externally? 

These are the questions you should raise when you want to establish or assess your employer brand. It is a HR marketing strategy that enables you to better attract, recruit, and retain your employees.


Internal communication and human resources management (HRM) are two interdependent and complementary domains that will strategically interconnect in the establishment of your employer brand.
Communication stems from your HR marketing strategy to disseminate information clearly and coherently within your organization. Meanwhile, HRM (human resources management) encompasses planning, recruitment, promotion of professional development programs, and the development and management of employees, HR processes or the dissemination of information related to employee benefits, etc.

Communication and human resources are therefore intimately linked and will be subject to a joint analysis when we seek to understand how your employer brand is evaluated.

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Companies and NGOs with employees.

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Analyse the attractiveness of your organization.

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Internal and external surveys.

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Few minutes to several hours for the surveys, depending on the level of details you'd like to have.

Let's refine your employer brand !

My role here is to help you assess the level of attractiveness of your organization to external targets and your internal employees.

Do you attract the younger generation? Do you succeed in standing out in your industry? Is your organization the one many people aspire to join?
These are the types of questions we will address together through surveys designed to analyze, in a precise and comprehensive manner, the image projected by your organization.
This will be followed by strategic and operational advice to develop and promote a strong employer brand, aligning the values and culture of your organization with the expectations of candidates.

Do you have questions about employer branding?